3+3 Accelerated Law Program for UCF Students

University of Central Florida students who meet the following criteria shall be eligible to apply to the Florida State University College of Law through the 3+3 Accelerated Law Program at UCF during the junior year (as early as fall semester):

  • Successful completion of at least 15 credit hours of UCF course work with a 3.2 UCF GPA
  • Completion of at least one year (30 credit hours) in residence at UCF

Students meeting the above criteria will be eligible for consideration for early admission to Florida State Law. The law school admissions process requires that students:

  • Take the LSAT during (or prior to) their junior year and earn a score acceptable for admission
  • Apply for admission by the published deadline during the student’s junior year or as otherwise established by the law school
  • Meet the law school’s requirements for moral fitness and character as set out in its admissions application
  • Pay the same tuition and fees for law school as do other first-year students

Florida State Law agrees to notify applicants of its admissions decisions no later than June 1st. Enrollment of 3+3 students to Florida State Law will be contingent upon their completion of all bachelor’s degree requirements for the student’s chosen major at UCF. This includes successful completion of at least 90 credit hours toward their UCF degree and a minimum of 30 credit hours successfully completed in residence at UCF. A designated department advisor at UCF will provide the law school a letter certifying such completion. Students not accepted by Florida State Law may still complete their fourth year at UCF and fulfill their remaining requirements to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. They can reapply for regular (not early) admission to Florida State Law after that point.

Students can decide to opt out of the 3+3 Accelerated Law Program at any time and elect to fulfill their remaining requirements for graduation with a bachelor’s degree from UCF. Also, students who do not successfully complete their first year of course work at Florida State Law may return to UCF to fulfill their remaining requirements for graduation with a bachelor’s degree.

The College of Law does not guarantee admission; each student must meet the admission standards in place at the time of their application. A denial of admission under the 3+3 program will not foreclose opportunities for the student to apply to the College of Law (as well as other law schools) in the future upon completion of the bachelor’s degree. Any successfully completed course work at the law school will be treated by the university in the same manner as other transfer credit.

UCF students with questions regarding eligibility to apply to the 3+3 program under the UCF guidelines outlined above should contact Erin Myszkowski at ErinM@ucf.edu. Once eligibility is determined, questions regarding the application process to Florida State Law should be directed to admissions@law.fsu.edu.

University of Central Florida Contact:
Erin Myszkowski, Ed.D.
Associate Director
Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising

Florida State University College of Law Contact:
Jennifer Kessinger, M.S.
Director of Admissions