Environmental Law 2017 Colloquium

Sponsored by Hopping, Green & Sams

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
3:15-5:00 pm in Room A221
Reception to follow

2017 Participants

  • Jessica Farrell, "The Centennial Shakeup: Is the National Park Service Losing Its Ability to Manage and Create Aquatic Preserves?"
  • James Brent Marshall, "Geoengineering: A Precise Weapon or an Unregulated Disaster in the Fight Against Climate Change?"
  • Michael Melli, "State-led Initiatives on Climate Change – Their Authority, Precedent and Potential Paths to Success"
  • Justin Peters, "Deep Pockets on the Horizon: Will Non-home Rule States’ Greed Harm Counties Affected by Deepwater Horizon?"
  • Sharon Wyskiel, "An Analysis of the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System as It Pertains to Florida Communities"
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