Employer Information

Do you have employees who would benefit from learning how to interpret and apply legal statutes? Would you like your employees to develop instincts for how to minimize your organization’s legal risks and to understand your organization’s regulatory obligations? If you can answer yes to these or any of the following questions, having your employees complete our Juris Master program will benefit your organization:

  • Do you work in a highly regulated industry, such as banking, insurance, financial advising, consumer lending or health care?
  • Are your employees tasked with interpreting statutes and regulations?
  • Do your employees work with complex contracts?
  • Do your employees help with compliance issues for your organization?
  • Do you have employees who handle human resources functions for your organization?
  • Is your organization subject to consumer protection statutes and regulations?
  • Would your organization benefit from employees being able to conduct legal research and track changes in the law?
  • Would you like your employees to be able to troubleshoot legal problems and know when to consult an attorney?

Your employees will acquire a strong foundation in banking law, financial compliance and financial transactions. They will learn how to read and interpret statues and regulations, and how to monitor and follow legislative and regulatory processes to increase productivity and reduce your overall business risks.

For additional information about the Juris Master program and how it can benefit your business and employees, contact:

Laura Sellati, Juris Master Program Director 
Florida State University College of Law 
Phone: 850.644.6022

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