The Injunction Project

The Injunction Project (IP), a project under the Gender and Family Justice Clinic, focuses on the legal avenues available to people who have endured trauma and violence. The connection between trauma/violence, families and the criminal law system cannot be ignored. In partnership with Refuge House, a local nonprofit that provides direct services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, students guide people seeking to file petitions for injunctions for protection, aka restraining orders, against their abusers.

Students regularly go to the Refuge House office in the Leon County Courthouse to help individuals seeking injunctions against domestic, sexual, dating, stalking and repeat violence. Students advise potential petitioners on the legal standards and their legal rights. On limited occasions, students take on client representation from the drafting of the petition to final hearing and any potential appeals. In addition, students may conduct presentations on injunctions and violence and address issues on a broad, systemic scale through community outreach, written advocacy and/or policy.

Through this project, students will use their advocacy skills and legal knowledge to help community members seeking to navigate the injunction process while also dealing with the trauma and stress of enduring violence. Guest speakers, legal proceeding observations and community events will immerse students in relevant discussions about violence, mass incarceration and the legal remedies available.

The Injunction Project is directed by Clinical Professor Carla Laroche. Professor Laroche also directs the Gender and Family Justice Clinic and the Collateral Consequences Project.


Project News & Events

Student virtual presentations on Relationship Violence and Injunctions in Florida 
Summer 2020

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