Hannah Wiseman

Hannah Wiseman

Hannah Wiseman

Attorneys' Title Professor and Associate Dean for Environmental Programs
Contact Information

Florida State University
College of Law
Roberts Hall, Room 237 
Phone: 850.645.0073


J.D., Yale University, 2007
A.B., summa cum laude, Dartmouth College, 2002

Professor Hannah Wiseman’s research explores the role of regulation in protecting the character of living spaces and environmental quality, from the sublocal to the national level. As a law student, Professor Wiseman was a managing editor of the Yale Journal on Regulation and received the Israel H. Peres prize for the best student note or comment appearing in the Yale Law Journal in 2007. Professor Wiseman clerked for the Honorable Patrick E. Higginbotham of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. She joined the law school in 2012 and teaches Energy Law, Environmental Law, Land Use Regulation and Oil and Gas Law.

Select Recent Publications


ENERGY LAW CONCEPTS & INSIGHTS (with Alexandra B. Klass) (Foundation Press 2016)

ENERGY, ECONOMICS, AND THE ENVIRONMENT (with Joel B. Eisen, Emily Hammond, Jim Rossi, David B. Spence & Jacqueline Weaver) (4th ed., Foundation Press 2015)

Stationary Sources, Movable Rules: Intransigence and Innovation under the Clean Air Act, in Building Durability and Flexibility into Long Term Policy: Lessons From the Clean Air Act (Cambridge University Press) (forthcoming 2017)

The Environmental Risks of Shale Gas Development and Emerging Regulatory Responses: A U.S. Perspective, in Handbook of Shale Gas Law and Policy (Tina Hunter, editor) (Intersentia 2016)

Evolving Energy Federalism: Current Authority Allocations and the Need for Inclusive Governance, in The Law and Policy of Environmental Federalism: A Comparative Analysis (Kalyani Robbins, editor) (Edward Elgar Publishing 2015)

Delegation and Dysfunction, 35 Yale J. on Reg. ___ (forthcoming 2017)

Regulatory Triage in a Volatile Political Era, ___ Colum. L. Rev. Online ___ (forthcoming 2017)

Unconventional Oil and Gas Spills: Risks, Mitigation Priorities, and State Reporting Requirements (with Lauren A. Patterson & Katherine E. Konschnik), 51 Envtl. Sci. & Tech. 2563 (2017)

Unconventional oil and gas spills: Materials, volumes, and risks to surface waters in four states of the U.S. (with Kelly Maloney, Sharon Baruch-Mordo, Lauren A. Patterson, et al.) 581-582 Sci. Total Env’t 369 (2017)

Negotiated Governance and New Risks: A Rail Safety Case Study, 7 Wake Forest J.L. & Pol’y 207 (2016)

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