Luiz Alochio

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Luiz Alochio

Visiting Scholar
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Florida State University
College of Law
Main Classroom Building, Room 301
Phone: 850.645.0365


Doctorate in City Law, Rio de Janeiro State University, 2008
Masters in Tax and Business Law, Candido Mendes University, 2004
Bachelor's (J.D. equivalent), Espírito Santo Federal University, 1993

Luiz Henrique Antunes Alochio is a visiting scholar from Espirito Santo State, Brazil. Alochio is a former federal counselor of the Brazilian Bar Association and a member of the National Commission on Constitutional Studies of the Federal Council of the OAB. He previously was a professor in the Masters in Social Sciences program at the Vila Velha University Center. He has worked for more than 10 years in the area of health law, specifically in regulation and the incorporation of new treatments, technologies, and evidence-based medicine in the Brazilian health system.