Law Legacy Bricks

Leave a legacy with a Law Legacy Brick

Thank you for your interest in a Florida State University College of Law Legacy Brick. Pledges of at least $25 per month for five years to the College of Law general fund or any scholarships fund receive an FSU Law Legacy Brick! Personalized bricks can include your name, class year and/or a short message. Bricks will be installed in the walkway around the law school’s James Harold Thompson Green. Brick donations are 100% tax deductible and will be acknowledged with both a confirmation email as well as an official acknowledgment letter. For more information about the Law Legacy Brick Program or to make a brick-eligible donation, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs at or 850.644.7260.

Brick Preview

You may type on the sample brick below to plan the text you would like engraved on your brick. Due to the size of the bricks, each line of text is limited to 15 total characters, including spaces and special characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a graduate of FSU College of Law to get a brick?  
No. Everyone who makes a qualifying gift is eligible for a Law Legacy Brick!

When will my brick be installed? 
Unless otherwise stated as part of a special promotion, it could take up to six months to install your brick, depending on when it was purchased. 

Will the person I am buying a brick for be told about it?
No. We will only contact the purchaser of a brick regarding the transaction and installation. 

Do spaces count toward the character limit on a line of inscription for a brick? 
Yes. Anything that takes up space on the brick counts toward the character limit – letters, numbers, punctuation, spaces between letters.

The character limit is 15 but I would like to do more characters on one line. Is that possible?
Due to the width of the brick, we cannot fit more than 15 characters on one line.