Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates Program

Since 1992, we have hosted the award-winning Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates Program at the College of Law.

This program brings undergraduate students from throughout the country together in-person for a month-long immersion into legal study. The largest and oldest of its kind, the primary goal of the program is to acquaint students with the study of law and to assist them in acquiring skills that will benefit their undergraduate and future law school studies. The program has been twice honored to receive the American Bar Association’s Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Award for Excellence in Pipeline Diversity. The award is given to organizations or individuals who have shown innovation and leadership in diversifying the educational pipeline to the legal profession.

How to Apply

The application process is very competitive. However, each application is carefully reviewed in its entirety by the program's admissions committee prior to selection.

In order to apply, students must provide the following:

Program Overview

The 2024 Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates Program will take place in-person May 21 - June 14, 2024. During the four-week program, students will engage in activities covering three primary areas:

Classroom Experience — Daily classes are taught by law school professors. Lectures simulate first-year law classes and familiarize students with the functions of the American legal system. Writing workshops help students to develop their writing and communication skills.

Law School Admissions Process — Students are given the opportunity to talk to the admissions staff and committee regarding the important aspects of the law school application process. This includes practical workshops on completing the application, writing personal statements, LSAT preparation, writing resumes and cover letters, financing law school, and individualized career planning.

Careers in the Law — While the program is academic in nature, there are a number of exciting and enjoyable activities that take place outside of the classroom, such as: visits to the Florida Supreme Court, moot court oral arguments and guest speakers, including prominent attorneys and judges in a variety of practice areas.

Thanks to the generosity of Florida State Law alumnus Wayne Hogan ('72), President of Terrell Hogan, and his wife, Patricia, the program has grown considerably and is permanently endowed. Their collective giving has provided the program a strong base from which to flourish.

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Program Information


College students enrolled at two-and four-year institutions, in all majors and from all backgrounds, are invited to apply following their freshman year. We particularly welcome students from groups historically underrepresented in the legal profession. Because one purpose of the program is to help students direct their remaining time in college to best prepare for law school, only rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to participate. Students who will have earned their bachelor’s degree prior to the start of the program will not be eligible for admission.

Program Costs

The 2024 program will be offered in person on the Florida State University campus. There is no application fee and the program is offered at no cost to participants. Double occupancy on-campus dormitory housing is provided, and each participant will receive a meal card for the duration of the four-week program. Participants will be responsible for their personal transportation to and from Tallahassee. 

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For more information about our Summer for Undergraduates Program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Office of Student Advancement at 850.644.7338.