Academic Programs

Florida State's first year curriculum is fairly traditional. It provides the foundation in history, doctrine, philosophy, process and analytical method that students need to approach their careers.

In the second and third years, we offer students an extremely broad menu of specialized courses and clinical experiences. We have especially strong programs in business law, environmental law and international law. In each of these areas, we offer courses and experiences that go beyond the basics. Our J.D. students can earn certificates in each of these three specialty areas. We also offer an LL.M. in Environmental Law and Policy, an LL.M. in Business Law, an LL.M. in American Law for Foreign Lawyers and a Juris Master program for college graduates.

Our J.D. students can also take advantage of one of the nine joint graduate pathways we offer in cooperation with other colleges, schools and departments at Florida State University. The most popular of these is our J.D.-M.B.A. program.