Faculty in the News

Aug 21, 2023

A Medscape article that Professor Mason Marks was recently quoted in titled “Docs Using AI? Some Love It, Most Remain Wary” was republished in MDedge.

Aug 15, 2023

Professor Mason Marks was recently quoted in a Medscape article titled “Docs Using AI? Some Love It, Most Remain Wary.”

Aug 10, 2023
CBC logo

Professor Shawn Bayern was recently quoted in a CBC article titled “Author Says ‘AI-Generated’ Books Were Published Under Her Name. Amazon Wouldn’t Take Them Down.”

Jul 31, 2023

Professor Brian Slocum’s co-authored paper “Major Questions, Common Sense?” is the subject of a Legal Theory Blog post.

Jul 18, 2023
The Miami Herald logo

Professor Paolo Annino was recently quoted in The Miami Herald article titled “In Stinging Rebuke, Judge Orders Florida to Stop Funneling Frail Kids into Nursing Homes.”

Jul 12, 2023

Professor Lawrence Krieger’s newest book, titled “Create Success Without Stress in the Law: New Science for Happiness, Health and Positive Professional Identity” (2023), was recently recognized in the University of St. Thomas’ blog “Holloran Center Professional Identity Implementation Blog.”

Jul 04, 2023
The New York Times logo

Professor Alexander Tsesis was recently quoted in a New York Times op-ed article titled “America Had More Than One Founding and More Than One Set of Founders.”

Jun 28, 2023
Tampa Bay Times Logo

Professor Rima Nathan was recently quoted in the Tampa Bay Times article titled “Florida Joins Handful of States to Make Diapers More Affordable.”

Jun 26, 2023

Professor Erin Ryan was recently interviewed on the MoneyFM 89.3 Breakfast radio show in Singapore about the UN's adoption of the new High Seas "BBNJ" Treaty on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources beyond national jurisdiction.

May 22, 2023

Professor Steve Johnson was recently quoted a Tax Notes Federal article titled "Will the Supreme Court Reverse or Restrict Chevron?"