Digitized Legal Collections

A Collaborative Effort by the Florida Academic Law Libraries

Most of these digital projects were compiled by the Florida State University College of Law Research Center with financial support from the law libraries of Barry University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Florida International University, Florida State University, Nova Southeastern University, St. Thomas University, Stetson University, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, University of Florida, and University of Miami.

Florida Supreme Court Briefs and Opinions

This set contains opinions issued since July 1986 and the briefs filed in those cases; as well as some earlier opinions and briefs. New cases are added at the end of each week the Court is in session. 

Recordings of Oral Arguments from 1984 until 1997 are available on the FALL Digitized Legal Collections.

Recordings of Oral Arguments from 1997 - present are available on the Florida Supreme Court's video portal.

Florida Statutes 1955-1996

This set contains scanned images of Florida Statutes 1955 - 1996.

Since 1999, the Florida Statutes has been published in its entirety annually. Previously, the statutes were published following each odd-year regular session, and a supplement was published following each even-year regular session. The supplement only contains laws that were changed in an even numbered year. If no changes were made to the law in an even-numbered year, check the prior year's statue for the law in effect that year. For example if a law is missing from the 1982 supplement go back to the 1981 Florida Statutes to find the law.

If Chapters do not load after clicking on the title, try refreshing the page.

Florida Statutes 1941 (Volume III Helpful and Useful Matter)

Volume III of the 1941 Florida Statutes provides helpful and useful matter including British statutes in force in Florida, Whitfield’s notes, selected federal laws in general use, and an index to the special and local laws of Florida (1845-1945).  

Florida Statutes 2013 Definitions Index

This index lists all terms and phrases that are defined in the 2013 Florida Statutes and the Florida Constitution. 

Florida Summaries of General Legislation, 1970-1994

Summaries of General Legislation published by the Florida Legislative Service Bureau from 1970 through 1994. Please contact kmiller@law.fsu.edu if you need copies of these materials.

Florida Legislative Documents

This is a compilation of legislative history documents for selected Florida legislation from 1971-1997 and contains staff analyses, final bill analyses, and reports filed with the committee. This collection was compiled by Ed Tribble and Connie Beane, co-owners of Florida Information Associates, in the course of their 25 years of research into the history of the legislative process in the Florida Legislature. The Florida Academic Law Libraries and FSU Law Research Center wish to gratefully acknowledge the donation of these legislative materials from Ed and Connie. Please check back as we continue to add more materials to our digital collection or contact the State Archives of Florida (archives@dos.myflorida.com) for additional materials that were not included in the Florida Information Associates’ donation.

Florida Constitution Revision Commission 

The websites for the 1997-1998 and 2017-2018 Florida Constitution Revision Commissions trace the chronological development of Florida's Constitutions. Included are copies of each Florida constitution as existed upon ratification, proposed amendments, and Florida Supreme Court decisions affecting ballot position. Also included, when available, are cites to contemporary analyses of the various proposals prepared by the Public Administration Clearing Service as part of their Civic Information Series for the 1997-1998 process.

Jo Dowling, former Assistant Librarian of the Florida Supreme Court, compiled the documents for the 1997-1998 website. Florida State University College of Law and the College of Law Research Center created the 1997-1998 website to provide virtual access.

Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission Archive Site

This archival site includes final versions of the Constitutional Proposals, Statutory Recommendations, and Governmental Services Committee Reports adopted by the Commission. 

Other Digital Projects

Laws Of Florida, 1822-1996
The State Library Of Florida and Florida State University College Of Law Research Center are collaborating to scan all published Laws of Florida. Scanning of the Laws of Florida is an ongoing project, and we are continuously updating the list of laws scanned. Please contact statepublications@dos.myflorida.com if you have any questions about the project.

Decisions of the Board of Appellate Review 
This set digitizes decisions, opinions, and published opinions of administrative determinations of the Department of State on loss of nationality since 1982.

Human Rights Documents 
With permission from IDC Publishers, the FSU Law Research Center has digitized the Human Rights Documents collection’s accompanying index and provided electronic access to facilitate identifying and locating specific items. To locate a relevant document in the microfiche collection (Mif 936), note the organization and document number before looking. 

Limits in the Seas and International Boundary Studies
The International Boundary Studies Series sets forth the basis of national arrangement for the boundaries between countries of marine areas. Supporting documents and maps have been digitized. 

ABA Administrative Procedure Database Archive
This site was designed to facilitate the exchange of information about federal and state administrative law among legislators, lawyers, hearing officers, judges, and citizens. While much of the original material is now available from other sources, the ABA Administrative Procedure Database Archive provides access to resources not readily available elsewhere.