Florida State University College of Law Career Services

Policy of Reciprocity

(effective April 2023)

FSU Law students and alumni seeking reciprocity with other law schools:

Most law schools require a reciprocity request come from the law student or alumni’s Career Services Office, and not directly from the student or alumni.

FSU Law students seeking reciprocity with another law school need to do the following:

  1. Research the other law school’s reciprocity policy and verify their services will be of assistance to you. (Some law schools require you be in-person to use their services, and many have black-out dates. A few schools have a small fee.)
  2. Once you have confirmed that the services the law school offers will be useful to you, send the following information to careerservices@law.fsu.edu:
  • Contact information:
    • Full name
    • Mailing address
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Month and year of anticipated graduation (for students) or year graduated (for alumni)
  • Information about the law school from whom you are requesting reciprocity:
    • The name of the Law School. No more than 2 law schools may be requested at one time and only 2 reciprocity requests will be processed per semester.
    • The contact information for the career services staff responsible for processing reciprocity requests.  If you cannot determine who that is, please call the law school’s career services office to determine who to send the request to. Include the name, phone number and email address of that person or office.
    • The link to the law school’s reciprocity policy

Law schools seeking reciprocity on behalf of their students or alumni:

FSU Law Career Services allows approved students and graduates of other ABA accredited law schools (“requestors”) access to specified resources as follows:

  1. Services are available to requestors of law schools that allow Florida State College of Law graduates or students to use their services.
  2. Requests must be made in writing by a career services administrator. These requests should be emailed to Dean Debra Henley and must contain: 
    • Student/alumni full name
    • Student/alumni expected year of law school graduation
    • Student/alumni email address and phone number
  3. Services are available for three-months beginning on the date reciprocity is granted. We reserve the right to limit access and services available to the same access and services offered by the law school requesting reciprocity.*
  4. Requestors may view job posts on Symplicity. No counseling services or document review is provided.  Requestors may not participate in on-campus or off-campus interviews, or attend any event hosted by Career Services. 
  5. Because few job opportunities are posted in Symplicity for attorneys or individuals who have been out of law school and practicing for several years, reciprocity will only be granted to students currently enrolled in law school, or to law school graduates within one year of graduation from law school.
  6. Reciprocity is not available July through October. 
  7. We may deny services to a law school exceeding a reasonable number of requests.
  8. We may deny or revoke reciprocity privileges to any requester misusing the privileges or failing to comply with the policies of the Career Services Office.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to:

Debra Henley, Associate Dean for Career Services and Professional Service 
Phone: 850.644.4495