Reciprocity Policy

Florida State University College of Law Career Services & Professional Development Center

(effective June 2015)

The Career Services Center provides services to students and graduates of other law schools ("requestors") within the following guidelines:

  1. Services are available to all requestors of those law schools that allow Florida State Law graduates and/or students to use their facilities.
  2. Requests for services must be made in writing by a career services administrator prior to the rendering of any services. Requests should be emailed to the Career Services Center. The request must contain the following:
    • Student/ alumni full name
    • Student/ alumni expected year of law school graduation
    • Student/ alumni email address and phone number
  3. Services will be available for a three-month period beginning the date reciprocity is granted via email.
  4. Requestors can utilize our job placement software, Symplicity. No services will be rendered by mail or telephone.
  5. The Career Services Center reserves the right to restrict reciprocity between August 1 and October 31, due to on-campus interviewing.
  6. Requestors may not participate in on-campus interviews, off-campus interviews or resume referral programs with prospective employers, or any event hosted by the Career Services Center.
  7. The Assistant Dean for Career Services and Professional Development may deny further services to a school that exceeds a reasonable number of requests in a given year.
  8. The Career Services Center reserves the right to deny or revoke reciprocity privileges to any individual who misuses the privileges or fails to comply with the policies of the Career Services Center.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to:

Career Services & Professional Development Center
Phone: 850.644.4495

Assistance From Other Law Schools

If you are looking for employment in cities in Florida other than Tallahassee, or out of state, the Florida State University College of Law Career Services Office can assist you in requesting reciprocity to access another law school’s career services office. To begin the process, go to the Career Services webpage of the law school you are seeking to have reciprocity granted to find out if their reciprocity policy would help you. Some schools will only grant reciprocity to their facilities and not their job career software so read the school’s reciprocity policy carefully. Additionally, most schools have “blackout dates” restricting reciprocity to non-“OCI” time periods, and a significant number of law schools offer reciprocity only on a one-to-one basis.

It doesn’t happen often, but be aware that some law schools do not have reciprocity policies available, and some may charge you a fee. Please contact Career Services if you have any questions about reciprocity.

How to Request Reciprocity

Most law schools require a reciprocity request come from the law schools Career Services Office, not the student. Send the following information to Career Services at

Student/Alumni Info:

  • Your full name
  • Your mailing address
  • Your preferred email address
  • Your phone number
  • Students: Month/Year of anticipated graduation
  • Alumni: Month/Year graduated

Law School Whose Reciprocity Policy Will Help You:

  • Name of the law school you wish to receive reciprocity of services. If more than one, list lawschools in order of preference.
  • Link to law schools career services webpage policy on reciprocity
  • Career services or career office contact’s name
  • Career services or career office contact’s phone number
  • Career services or career office contact’s email address
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