Student Organizations

CABA Board 2021

Students at the College of Law are committed to achieving excellence in law school, and their contributions are critical to the school's intellectual and social life. The numerous student-run organizations and journals attest to their drive, energy and ambition. Below is a list of our existing student organizations and their contact information. In some cases, links are available to web pages created and maintained by the student organizations.


The College of Law also has several co-curricular organizations including the Florida State University Law Review, the Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law, the Journal of Transnational Law and Policy as well as Moot Court and Trial Team programs. More information on our co-curricular programs can be found here.

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

APALSA at FSU Law was created to support and advocate for Asian American Pacific Islanders in the legal community and as a whole. We aim to promote diversity and inclusion, advocate for AAPI leadership within the legal field, increase awareness on concerns of the Asian community, and strengthen relationships within and outside of the law school.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Shannon Paramesh
Vice President - Debbie Aspromonti
Treasurer - Emma Wells

Association for Criminal Justice

The Association for Criminal Justice (ACJ) aims to provide students with a practical insight into criminal law matters from judicial, prosecutorial, and defense perspectives. The ACJ further seeks to educate students and the community about issues impacting the criminal justice system.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Emma J. Hirschy
Internal Vice President - Jade Lewis
External Vice President - Charys Smith
Secretary - Taylor Kendall
Treasurer - Matthew Schwan
Alumni Coordinator - Fabrizia Wade
Activities Coordinator - Kevin Peter
Fundraising Coordinator - Ali Dukstein

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

The Delores Poindexter Auzenne Chapter of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) at Florida State Law exists to promote a more balanced and perfect union among all law students; to assist in the matriculation of BLSA members at the College of Law; and to enhance the social, intellectual and spiritual lives of BLSA members, the Florida State Law body and the community-at-large.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Larry Lynn
Vice President - Jayla Edmonds
Treasurer - Candice Hopkins
Secretary - Kaya Small

Business Law Society (BLS)

The BLS is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting social and academic interaction among Florida State University College of Law students interested in the various aspects of business, corporate and financial law. The goal of the BLS is to enhance the legal education of our members and to promote an interdisciplinary curriculum in business, corporate and financial law that builds upon the resources of Florida State University College of Law and provide students with unique opportunities to interact with various legal practitioners in the community, faculty and staff, and local corporate counsel.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Abby Zielinski
Vice President - Sidney Edgar
Treasurer - Daniel Cannon
Secretary - Shannon Kelley
Activities Chair - Diana Adams
2L Rep - Sophie Hecker

Christian Legal Society

The mission of this CLS student chapter is to maintain a vibrant Christian Law Fellowship at Florida State Law, which enables its members, individually and as a group, to love the Lord with their whole beings — hearts, souls and minds — and to love their neighbors as themselves. In accomplishing this mission, this chapter focuses on: cultivating spiritual growth through communal prayer, fellowship and worship; showing the love of Christ to the campus community and the community at large by proclaiming the gospel in word and in deed; and addressing the question, "What does it mean to be a Christian in law?," that is, learning to submit every aspect of one's calling in the legal profession to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Benjamin Schafer
Vice President - Robert Helt
Secretary - Monique Clayton
Outreach Coordinator - Britania Whyte
Treasurer - Graham Smith

Cuban American Bar Association (CABA)

The mission and purpose of CABA FSU LAW is to provide opportunities for student members to engage with legal professionals, further networking opportunities for members with local professionals in all areas of legal practice, and educate members about career opportunities within the Cuban Community. New networking and potential career opportunities will be created by hosting networking events through the Cuban American Bar Association, or “parent organization”, inviting guest speakers to come to the school, and offering mentoring opportunities for all students, providing more internships and job opportunities, as well as professional development and job development through OCI. These will be some of the main goals of the organization with the participation of CABA members throughout South Florida and the rest of the United States.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Angelique Ramirez
Internal Vice President - Roger Mata
External Vice President - Ana Gitli
Treasurer - Lauren Locke
Secretary - Roxana Gerardo Fernandez

Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law Society (EASL)

To promote and support interest in the current issues affecting entertainment and sports law, and to establish and cultivate networks within this specialized legal community for the purpose of providing interested Florida State Law students with access to information regarding the availability of professional opportunities.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Graham Smith
Vice President - Benjamin Schafer
Treasurer - Luke Marturana
Secretary - Joey Vallejo
Tournament Director - Jordyn McTavish
Advisor - Jake Linford

Environmental Law Society (ELS)

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) provides a forum to address key environmental law issues on the local, state and federal levels, as well as functioning as a group available to participate in local environmental cleanups and fund raisers. ELS provides its members with opportunities to travel to national environmental law conferences and to make contact with state and local environmental employers through pro bono and internship opportunities.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Melissa Gallo
Vice President - Ryan Stocks
Treasurer - Zachary Roper
Secretary - Kevin Griffin

Federal Bar Association at FSU (FBA at FSU)

The Federal Bar Association at FSU (FBA at FSU) serves as a student chapter of the national Federal Bar Association at the Florida State University College of Law. The purposes of the SFBA are to further the objectives of the Federal Bar Association, to represent the Association to law students at the Florida State University, to stimulate the interest of law students in the activities of the Association, and to conduct programs of interest and value to law students. 

2023-2024 Executive Board

President - Matthew Schwan
Vice President - Mitchell Tozian
Treasurer - Kevin Peter
Secretary - Emma Hirschy

Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a non-partisan organization dedicated to fostering balanced and open debate about the fundamental principles of freedom, federalism, and the role of the judiciary. The Federalist Society seeks to educate the legal community through its programs and publications about how limited constitutional government based on the rule of law can have a positive effect on law and public policy.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Joseph Catalano
Vice President - Cristen Chandler
Treasurer - Bailey Hypes
Secretary - Nicole Finkel
Membership Chair - Michael Bartnick

Florida State Univeristy Law Review

The Florida State University Law Review is the flagship legal journal of the Florida State University College of Law. The members of the Law Review publish the journal four times per year from Tallahassee, Florida.

2023-24 Executive Board

Editor in Chief - Elizabeth Halperin
Executive Editor - Zachary Hahn
Executive Editor - Taylor O'Brien
Executive Editor - Leila Oberschall
Executive Editor - Derwin Sanchez
Managing Editor - Morgan Lea Nobles
Executive Article Selection Editor - Emily Mila
Online Article Selection Editor - Charles Boudet
Executive Online Publication Editor - Jaiden Pokoski
Executive Notes & Comments Editor - Maxwell Holleman
Notes & Comments Editor - Kristen Anderson
Notes & Comments Editor - Sidney Edgar
Notes & Comments Editor - Kevin Griffin
Notes & Comments Editor - Isabella Roman-Secor
Article Editor - Katherine Andrews
Article Editor - Katharine Clement
Article Editor - Jenelly Perez
Article Editor - Nicholas Sellas
Article Selection Editor - Melissa Solis

Florida State University Business Review

The purpose of the Florida State University Business Review is to provide a scholarly forum for contemporary legal discourse and to address the issues and concerns transforming the business community.

2023-24 Executive Board

Editor-in-Chief - Aiana Maresa Semper
Managing Editor - Natalie Murphey
Writing & Research Editor - Taylor O'Brien
Symposium Editor - Alexis Moreira
Article Selection Editor - James King
Executive Editor - Alyssa Hawthorne
Executive Editor - Jacob Schenk
Articles and Notes Editor - Arnele Francis
Articles and Notes Editor - Kobe Jones
Articles and Notes Editor - Lindsay Vigness
Articles and Notes Editor - Benjamin Schafer
Advisor - Jeff Kahn

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Articles and more information are available on the FSU Business Review site.

Hispanic Law Students Association (HLSA)

HLSA represents diversity and inclusion. The organizations seeks the advancement of Hispanic-Latinos at Florida State University’s College of Law, as well as in the legal community at large. By providing social and academic support, along with networking opportunities, HLSA is confident that they can increase the presence of Hispanic people in the legal field.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Yamilet Estrella
Vice President - Daniela Marrero
Secretary - Alyssa Barberis
Treasurer - Isabella Roman-Secor
2L Rep - Aksel Rendon
2L Rep - Nicholas Texidor
Communications Chair - Emily Marin


If/When/How FSU College of Law chapter is dedicated to educating future lawyers, judges, advocates, and scholars on important reproductive justice issues through events, panels, and collaborating with other student and community groups.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Lauren Evans
Vice President - Tiffany Taylor
Treasurer - Jennifer Palmer
Activities Director - Charys Smith

International Law Students Association (ILSA)

The purpose of the Florida State International Law Students Association (ILSA) is to educate the university community about the increasing relevance of international law to the environment, human rights, world peace, business and trade. ILSA sponsors speakers from around the world on various pertinent topics related to international law. ILSA also provides information regarding study abroad programs, foreign internships and career opportunities in international law. To promote the understanding of different cultures, ILSA sponsors cultural events, such as the annual Around the World Dinner. All Florida State Law students are invited to join ILSA.  

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Caroline Massias
Vice President - Johnathan Foege
Treasurer - Hao Sun
Secretary - Laiken Cowley
2L Rep - Jacob Osachy
Social Media Chair - Gianni Croci

Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA)

As members of the JLSA, we focus on the importance of connection and community in Judaism. We strive to serve the Seminole Law community as a support system and a source of unity for both Jewish and non-Jewish students to learn and socialize together while also promoting an environment of tolerance for students of all faith traditions. We welcome students of all backgrounds, all levels of Judaism (or lack thereof) and representatives of all those in the greater Tallahassee legal profession.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Zachary Klein
Vice President - Julia Weisberg
Treasurer - Lauren Bannett
Secretary - Sophie Hecker
Advisor - Nicole Finkel

Law School Council (LSC)

The purpose of LSC is to represent Law School registered student organizations (RSOs) before all budgetary committees of SGA and the Congress of Graduate Students, to sub-allocate funds to Law School RSOs, and to monitor and coordinate the budget activities of the various Law School RSOs.  LSC is comprised of seven law students elected as Members-at-Large by the Law School Student Body.

2023-24 Organization Leaders

Chair - Sarai Glaze
Vice Chair - Vincent Scapecchi
Secretary - Sam Mayberry

Law Students Practicing Wellness

Law Students Practicing Wellness is an activist, support, and social club that seeks to provide law students with the tools and resources for mental health in law school and the legal field. 

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Lexi Cook
Vice President - Caroline Banks
Secretary - Caitlyn Pennell
Treasurer - Vincent Scapecchi

Moot Court

Established in 1968, the Florida State College of Law Moot Court Team is one of the nation's leading university moot court teams. The Moot Court Team annually contends in regional, national and international competitions where teams of two to three members compete against other law school moot court teams. Issues in past competitions have included the First Amendment, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, Sports Law, International Law, Environmental Law, Evidence, Workers' Compensation, Cyber Law, Corporate Law, Securities, Labor and Employment, Entertainment and Communications Law.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Bianca Devaney
Vice President - Cristen Chandler
Treasurer - Cece Phelan
Secretary - Carly Dick
Editorial Chair - Arnèle Francis
Intramural Chair - Jenelly Perez
Intramural Co-Chair - Keegan Simonsen
Intramural Co-Chair - Logan Gray
PR/Final Four Co-Chair - Vivekka Suppiah
PR/Final Four Co-Chair - Eric Wagner
PR/Final Four Co-Chair - Savannah Sherman
PR/Final Four Co-Chair - PJ Decoste
Competition Chair - Ray Emmerson
Alumni Relations Chair - Samuel Brodigan
Social Media Chair - Abby Merrill


OUTLaw seeks to provide a platform for all students to learn about the legal issues facing gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and other queer people. OUTLaw sponsors events throughout the year to increase awareness of issues and to foster discussion of the current state of LGBTQIA+ law at the national, state and local levels. OUTLaw is committed to working with allied organizations on campus to better the Florida State community and ensure that LGBTQ students are treated with the same respect as the student body as a whole. OUTLaw also exists to help students connect with the LGBTQIA+ community in Tallahassee. We welcome and encourage all law students to join OUTLaw, regardless of orientation and gender.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Katie Kennamer
Vice President - Georgia Rogers

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD)

Phi Alpha Delta is an organization dedicated to service. It helps student members by providing networking opportunities and resources for jobs, as well as by providing educational resources.

2023-24 Executive Board

Justice - Lauren Bannett
Vice President - Skyy Mewbron
Clerk - Luke Johnston
Marshal - Ryan Stocks

Public Interest Law Students Association (PILSA)

Public Interest Law Students Association (PILSA) is committed to promoting pro bono and community service as well as helping students who wish to work in public interest law. It encourages all law students to make public interest a part of their careers.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Hannah Robinson
Vice President - Ameera Sabit
Secretary - Alyssa Hawthorne
Treasurer - Zachary Roper
Social Media Chair - Tara Bagherlee

Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Society at FSU

The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for students of the Florida State University College of Law to discuss issues pertaining to the field of Real Property, Probate, and Trust law. It will allow students to network with attorneys, both local and otherwise, and will help students to learn about opportunities and advancements within the fields.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Victoria Heuston
Vice President: Probate - Caroline Tschida
Vice President: Real Property - Careena Lall
Treasurer - Ian Kampert
Secretary - Morgan Waltimyer
2L Rep - Riley Cornell
2L Rep - Harrison Otto

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

To provide a forum for education, advocacy and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, raising the profile of the field of animal law. The FSU Law Chapter is one of 161 around the country.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Savannah Sherman
Vice President - Shawn Soscia
Treasurer - Mitchell Tozian
Secretary - Sophia Akel
National Chair- Katlin Hickman
Pro Bono Chair - Ashley Landwerlen
Volunteer Chair - Jenny Camisa

Student Bar Association

SBA serves as the representative of the College of Law student body to discover and manifest its collective desires, to secure the benefits of mutual association, and to further the legal, academic, and social interests of its members and the College of Law. FSU Law Student Bar Association's main goal is to improve the overall quality of life for all students attending Florida State University College of Law. SBA offers the perfect opportunity to become involved in an organization that is constantly working to make the experience at FSU Law more enjoyable, rewarding, and fun. Further, SBA offers countless opportunities to become engaged and enjoy extracurricular activities while benefiting FSU Law and the Tallahassee community.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Vivekka Suppiah
Vice President/ABA Rep - Savannah Hill
Treasurer - Stephen Fowler
Secretary - Allison Laudadio
3L Rep - Kevin Griffin
2L Rep - Adriana Pizarro
2L Rep - James Blount

Student Veterans Law Symposium

Our mission is to create a network for students who have served, wish to serve, or for students who have a passion for veteran's law. We support student veterans' transition to higher education, while also raising awareness on veteran's legal issues. These include supporting efforts to end homeless veterans in Tallahassee and advocate for veterans’ rights in the legislature and the courtroom. 

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Shawn Soscia
Treasurer - David Littlepage
Secretary - Michael Bartnick

Technology & Entrepreneurship Club

The Technology & Entrepreneurship Club brings education, networking opportunities, and speakers from the worlds of technology and entrepreneurship to FSU Law students.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Paul DeCoste
Vice President - Raymond Betancourt
Secretary - Maresa Semper
Treasurer - Dylan Rhodes
Social Media Chair - Caroline Massias
General Board Seat - Benjamin Schafer
1L Rep - Jacob Osachy

Transfer Student Organization (TSO)

The purpose of the Florida State Law Transfer Student Organization (TSO) is to help facilitate a smooth transition for new transfer students. This organization is open to the entire Florida State Law student body. TSO will help all transfers become acclimated with Florida State Law, Tallahassee and the local legal community. It is important to the TSO executive board to help new students with any questions or concerns they may have that are different than their previous schools.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Marcus Ethan Frazier
Vice President - Lauren Bannett
Secretary - Shannon Kelley
Social Chair - Bailey Hypes
Treasurer - John Yunger
PR Chair - Kyle Doty

Trial Team

The College of Law Trial Team consists of an elite group of law students trained in the art of trial-level litigation. Each year, team members represent the Florida State University College of Law in competitions against other students from law schools across the nation. At these competitions, team members present cases before judge and jury. Cases encompass a wide range of topics in both the civil and criminal arenas. Case topics have included insurance fraud, homicide, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and wrongful death.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Fabrizia Wade
Vice President - Alison Dukstein
Secretary - Emma Hirschy
Treasurer - Matthew Schwan
Social Chair - Kevin Peter
Competition Chair - Shawn Soscia
Competition Chair - Lauren Locke

Women in Sports Law Society

The Women in Sports Law Society is an organization that aims to bring students interested in Sports Law together through regular educational and networking events. The organization also aims to raise awareness of the participation and leadership of women in the Sports Law Industry. 

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Alexis Moreira
Vice President - Kristen Anderson
Secretary - Bianca Devaney
Treasurer - Sophie Hecker
Internal Vice President - Caroline Tschida
Advisor - Kelli Williams

Women's Law Symposium (WLS)

WLS is dedicated to promoting the status of women in the legal community. WLS provides a forum for the discussion of issues concerning legal education and provides program to advance and assist students throughout their law school career, including networking with local attorneys and other leadership opportunities.  WLS also actively participates in charitable and voluntary causes in the community, as well as sponsors annual philanthropic events within the law school community.

2023-24 Executive Board

President - Alexis Moreira
Vice President - Nicole Eldeb
VP of Internal Affairs - Clara Learned
VP of External Affairs - Savannah Bass
VP of Finance - Lexi Cook
VP of Events - Ashvi Luthra