Faculty in the News

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February 8, 2019

Professor Mary Ziegler was a guest on the NPR program All Things Considered, where she discussed abortion laws that could reach the Supreme Court. 

January 31, 2019

Professor Mary Zielger was interviewed on PBS NewsHour, where she provided commentary on the future of abortion rights and regulation in states and on the U.S. Supreme Court.

January 28, 2019

Professor Mary Ziegler wrote The Washington Post op-ed, "The culture war’s lone survivor."

The Washington Post
January 22, 2019

Professor Mary Ziegler authored The New York Times piece, "The Abortion Wars Have Become a Fight Over Science."

The New York Times
January 18, 2019

Professor Mary Ziegler was quoted in the NPR piece, "With Higher Stakes In The Abortion Debate, Activists March On Washington."

January 18, 2019

Professor Mary Ziegler was quoted in the National Catholic Reporter piece, "Roe v. Wade may be in peril, but future of anti-abortion movement is unclear."

National Catholic Reporter
January 18, 2019

Professor Mary Ziegler was quoted in The Washington Post piece, "The Health 202: The one area of agreement between abortion rights foes and supporters might be crumbling."

The Washington Post
January 12, 2019

Professor Justin Sevier's article, "Legitimizing Character Evidence," was mentioned on the EvidenceProf Blog

EvidenceProf Blog
January 11, 2019

Professor Jeffrey Kahn was quoted in the Bloomberg BNA piece, "Tax Law Gets Rare Spotlight in Ruth Bader Ginsburg Biopic."

Bloomberg BNA
January 4, 2019

Professor Michael Morley was quoted in the Bloomberg BNA piece, "Panels to End Gerrymandering Could Reach SCOTUS Again."

Bloomberg BNA
January 1, 2019

Professor Jennifer Parker LaVia was quoted in The Florida Bar News piece, "Veteran's Clinics, License Restoration Program Ready for Replication."

The Florida Bar
December 11, 2018

Professor Shi-Ling Hsu was mentioned in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle piece, "Carbon emissions fee will help manage climate change."

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
December 7, 2018

Professor Wayne Logan was quoted in The Crime Report piece, "How Our ‘Two-Tiered Justice System’ Exploits the Poor." 

The Crime Report
December 6, 2018

Professor Jake Linford's study was cited in the World Trademark Review piece, "Democratising trademark surveys – academic
calls for step-change in distinctiveness evidence gathering."

World Trademark Review
December 6, 2018

Professor Mary Ziegler authored the Newsweek op-ed, "The Insidious Unraveling of Abortion Rights in America."

December 5, 2018

Professor Mary Ziegler was quoted in the Newsweek piece, "Who is Joseph Silk? GOP Senator Trying to Ban Abortion Says It's Like a Mother Killing a '1-Year-Old Child.'"

December 4, 2018

Professor Michael Morley was quoted in the Florida Record piece, "Florida Supreme Court will lean conservative 'for a very long time' with DeSantis appointees." 

Florida Record
December 4, 2018

Professor Mary Ziegler was featured on the NPR program All Things Considered to discuss President George H.W. Bush’s legacy on abortion. 

December 1, 2018

Assistant Dean for Career Services and Professional Development Debra Henley authored a piece for the Florida Society of Association Executives' Source magazine titled, "Associations & Law Students: The Perfect Match." 

November 30, 2018

Professor Mary Ziegler was quoted in the ThinkProgress piece, "Anti-abortion groups ask SCOTUS to reconsider Roe v. Wade and uphold Mike Pence’s anti-choice law."