Faculty in the News

May 22, 2023

Professor Steve Johnson was recently quoted a Tax Notes Federal article titled "Will the Supreme Court Reverse or Restrict Chevron?"

May 08, 2023

Professor Michael Morley was quoted in an Orlando Sentinel article titled “Could Trump Challenge DeSantis Over ‘Resign to Run’ Law?”

May 04, 2023

Professor Michael Morley was quoted in the Bloomberg Law article titled “Chevron’s End Unlikely as Justices Weigh Agency Power (Correct).”

May 04, 2023
Bloomberg Law logo

Professor Jake Linford was quoted in a Bloomberg Law article titled “DeSantis Taunt in Disney Typeface Tempts Trademark Punchback.”

Apr 24, 2023

Professor Jake Linford’s paper “Copyright & Attention Security” was featured in a Written Description blog post titled “Too Much of a Good Thing: Jake Linford on Copyright & Attention Scarcity.”

Apr 20, 2023
Nature logo

Professor Mason Marks was quoted in a Nature article titled “US Could Soon Approve MDMA Therapy – Opening an Era of Psychedelic Medicine.”

Mar 07, 2023

Dean Erin O’Connor was featured on an episode of The Florida Bar Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism’s podcast: Never Contemplated.

Mar 03, 2023

Professor Jay Kesten was quoted in a LAW360 article titled "Surveying The Aftermath: 1 Month After An Ohio Train Disaster."

Feb 23, 2023

Professors Jake Linford and Justin Sevier’s paper, “Trademark Tarnishmyths,” was selected as one of the best recent intellectual property law articles published, according to JOTWELL.

Feb 19, 2023
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Professor Mason Marks’ Harvard Law Review article, “Patents on Psychedelics: The Next Legal Battlefront of Drug Development,” was featured on an episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight.