The Bar Exam Success Program at FSU Law

Press Date
June 21, 2024


Spear the Bar Summer 2024: The Bar Exam Success Program at FSU Law

The Bar Success Team (L-R: Deans Nancy Benavides and Karusha Sharpe, Professors Laura Dennis and Cecelia Smith) are working hard to provide a comprehensive summer bar success program with a holistic and supportive approach to assist our graduates in their bar exam preparation. The program includes: 
(1) Spear the Bar weekly supplemental lectures presented virtually and in-person by experienced attorneys, professors and former bar graders with comprehensive coverage of highly tested subjects, exam strategies, and practice questions; (2) Spear the Bar canvas page with bar-related resources for graduates including lecture recordings, wellness and mental health information, study tips and techniques, and more; (3) Free tutoring for at-risk examinees and recent repeat examinees from third-party tutoring vendors; (4) Bar progress tracking and communications including emails and phone calls to first-time takers; (5) A two-day simulated exam to provide real-life, timed practice and exposure to Florida and Uniform Bar Exam questions; (6) Free Adaptibar Supplemental MBE program for recent graduates and repeat takers to reinforce understanding and enhance exam performance with practice questions; (7) “What’s Up Wednesdays?” virtual drop-in office hours; and (8) A Bar Review Bistro that operates as the law school’s new food pantry, dedicated to providing nutritious food to graduates preparing for the bar exam. This free resource provides fresh produce, canned goods, ingredients to make home-cooked meals, and more.

We're working hard to help our graduates succeed!