On-Demand Executive Education Courses

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May 26, 2023
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We recently implemented an exciting change to the way we offer our executive education courses through the Stoops Center of Law and Business. After listening to the market, we have eliminated course start dates in order to provide more flexibility to working professionals. Learners can now begin courses immediately upon enrolling. We also recently met with our advisory board and want to recognize board members for dedicating their time and expertise to help us make the Stoops Center’s offerings unique and enriching. The board is comprised of lawyers and non-lawyers from various business industries and geographic areas, and its mission is to support and strengthen the Stoops Center by providing leadership, expertise, and influence. Please join me in thanking the following board members:

  • Jeff Stoops, CEO and president, SBA Communications Corporation
  • Michele Adams, vice president, Walmart Claim Services
  • Caryn Beck Dudley, president and CEO, AACSB
  • Jeff Kahn, Harry M. Walborsky professor and associate dean for business law programs, FSU College of Law
  • Mel Maguire, president and CEO, REA International
  • Mel Martinez, retired, former chairman of the Southeast U.S. and Latin America at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Bob Rice, managing partner, Tangent Capital Partners, LLC
  • Leron Rogers, partner, Fox Rothschild LLP
  • Peggy Rolando, partner, Shutts & Bowen
  • Rob Rigsby, head of legal-corporate and alternatives, Invesco
  • John Thrasher, university president emeritus, FSU College of Law
  • Manuel Utset, William & Catherine VanDercreek professor and associate dean for juris master programs, FSU College of Law


Published on May 26, 2023