FSU Business Review Symposium

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January 27, 2023
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Our FSU Business Review is hosting its inaugural symposium on Friday, February 10, and we invite you to join us at the law school or virtually for the timely event. The symposium, “New Frontiers in Organizational Law,” will address how the law of organizations, particularly LLCs, has changed rapidly in the last few decades, with new types of organizational forms, new variations within the forms, and more attention to the expansive possibilities of private ordering. Presenters will not only focus on substantive legal and theoretical issues, but also will discuss the impact such changes may have on businesses and industry professionals. Our expert speakers will include Professor Christopher Bradley, University of Kentucky College of Law; Professor Joan Heminway, University of Tennessee College of Law; Professor Daniel Kleinberger, Mitchell Hamline School of Law; and Professor Elizabeth Miller, Baylor University School of Law. In addition, an FSU College of Law professor will give lunchtime remarks, and two FSU Law students will present their work. Third-year student Jake Balducci will present a student note entitled “Originality in Music Copyright,” and second-year student Maxwell Holleman will present his paper entitled “The Bankruptcy System’s Watchdog: Why the Supreme Court Needs to Grant Appellate Standing to U.S. Trustees.” Please visit our event web page to learn more about the schedule and speakers, and to register to attend the symposium in person or online. Florida Bar CLE credit is available. I hope to see many of you at this important event in February!


Published on January 27, 2023