Generative AI for Lawyers Webinar Event

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Generative AI for Lawyers: An Introduction speakers
(clockwise from top left) Shawn Bayern,
Aaron Voloj Dessauer, and Katya Fisher

On Friday, September 15, 2023, our new Institute of Law, Technology & Innovation hosted the first installment of the Frontiers in Law and Technology series, Generative AI for Lawyers: An Introduction. During the webinar, panelists Shawn Bayern, FSU Law’s Larry & Joyce Beltz professor and associate dean for technology, and Katya Fisher, a lawyer, executive vice chairman of Constructor Group, and adjunct professor at FSU Law, explored the technology behind generative artificial intelligence (AI), including how lawyers might use generative AI in practice and the promises and risks of the new technology. Aaron Voloj Dessauer, executive director of the Institute of Law, Technology & Innovation, moderated the discussion and led robust Q&A sessions during the second half of the event, including a special session for the dozens of law students who attended a live broadcast of the webinar on campus. It was a fascinating discussion, covering changes in AI capabilities during the past several years, examples of AI-generated photos and articles, predictions for how lawyers and the law firm business model might be impacted by AI, ways attorneys can harness the power of AI to enhance their legal practice, and the debate about how law students might utilize AI in their courses. If you were unable to attend the event, you can watch a recording online. We have several additional Frontiers in Law and Technology events planned for the fall and spring semesters, so please visit our webpage to learn more.