Professor Wang Selected for Prestigious New Program

Press Date
September 8, 2023
Wang headshot

I am delighted to report that Henry Zhuhao Wang, our Tallahassee alumni professor, recently was selected as one of only two inaugural New Voices in Dispute Resolution Scholars by the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Alternative Dispute Resolution Section. The New Voices in Dispute Resolution Scholars Program was established to foster emerging talent in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) field, providing a platform for scholars' growth and development. According to the AALS section, they received a diverse and competitive pool of applicants, which makes Professor Wang’s selection even more impressive. As part of the program, Professor Wang will work on a scholarly project, “Shadow Effect of the Federal Rules of Evidence on ADR,” for which he will receive mentorship from a renowned member of the ADR scholarly community. He will also receive a Stephen B. Goldberg ADR Scholar Award as part of the program.

“It has been conventional wisdom and general practices that the Fderal Rules of Evidence (FRE) do not apply in alternative dispute resolutions,” said Wang. “Yet it has also been widely recognized that the federal rules cast somewhat of a shadow over various ADR events. However, such a popular and important concept is oversimplified in theory. The jurisprudence of the shadow effect of FRE on ADR is extremely thin. My project is on how to better describe this shadow effect and how to measure its magnitude in various ADR activities.”


Published on September 8, 2023