Abigail Morgan

Morgan headshot
2nd Year
Florida Atlantic University
Monticello, Florida
Area of Interest
Government law, administrative law, constitutional law, and litigation

Why should a prospective student choose FSU College of Law?
The atmosphere at FSU College of Law is so incredible. Starting 1L year can be intimidating, but the people at FSU made my start even better than I could have imagined. Choosing this law school means choosing an environment that sets you up to succeed.

What are your post-graduation plans?
It would be a dream-come-true to have a prestigious judicial clerkship upon graduating.

What is your favorite thing about FSU Law?
My favorite thing about FSU Law is the location. Having a strong interest in government law, there is no better place to be in Florida. Being located in the capital city opens up the door to so many opportunities that would be difficult to obtain at any other law school in the State of Florida.