Alexa Kays

Kays headshot
2nd Year
University of Alabama
Indianapolis, Indiana
Area of Interest
Civil litigation and criminal law

Why should a prospective student choose FSU College of Law?
A prospective student should choose FSU College of Law due to the wide array of diverse opportunities that are available on our campus. FSU's capital location, vast alumni network, and stellar faculty provide FSU Law students with countless invaluable resources and experiences.

What is your favorite thing about FSU Law?
My favorite thing about FSU Law is the faculty. The professors at FSU Law genuinely care about their students and strive to utilize their renowned legal expertise to prepare us to be successful in any career that we may choose.

What has been the best experience you have had at the College of Law thus far?
The best experience that I have had at the College of Law thus far was the Student Organization Fair during orientation week. At the Student Organization Fair, student groups had the ability to give incoming 1Ls information about activities that they participated in, what their group valued, and how to get involved. Through the Student Org Fair, I had the ability to get involved with several outstanding organizations that I continue to enjoy being a part of.