Sofia Higgins

Higgins headshot
2nd Year
Florida State University
West Palm Beach, Florida
Area of Interest
Criminal law

What are your plans post-graduation?
My plan as of now is to return to West Palm Beach, Florida, to practice law. This summer, I interned for a judge in the felony division of the Fifteenth Circuit, and I really enjoyed it. I am still unsure of the practice area I would like to be in, but I do know I want to move back to South Florida!

Why should a prospective student choose FSU College of Law?
FSU Law encompasses both high-quality education and a positive culture. The professors and staff are all extremely knowledgeable and proficient in their specialties while also being effective communicators. On top of this, the culture among students and faculty is truly one of respect, collaboration, and camaraderie. This combination promotes an environment that allows students to prosper both academically and personally, which is something I think every law student should experience!

What is your favorite thing about FSU Law?
My favorite thing about FSU Law is the community I have here. The college itself is always putting on events for us to better get to know law practice areas, professionals from the field, and each other. In addition to this, my class community of 1Ls has been such a blessing. FSU Law has given us not only friends to form relationships with, but classmates who support one another, and for that, I'm very thankful!