Business Law Clinic

Students in the Business Law Clinic learn transactional skills and earn academic credit by helping advise business and social entrepreneurs within the Florida State University community. The clinic will teach students basic bargaining, drafting, risk-assessment, and legal ethics skills necessary to be an effective and creative transactional lawyer. Students will conduct a broad range of legal services and participate in other forms of experiential learning, such as role playing, simulations, and the keeping of transactional journals. Students will help with client intake, identifying legal and business issues, and developing bargaining strategies. They will also assist in choosing the appropriate type of entity and drafting organizational documents, shareholder contracts and licensing agreements.

The clinic is part of the College of Law’s comprehensive program in business law, which includes a curriculum with broad offerings in business law, tax, law and economics, and finance, as well as the Business Law Certificate and Business Externship programs. Our business students therefore are able to combine traditional classroom learning with hands-on, real-world experience.

The Business Law Clinic is directed by the College of Law's Entrepreneur in Residence, Richard Benham. Richard has been a successful entrepreneur and since graduating from the College of Law in 2005, has represented numerous entrepreneurs and start-ups.