Tuition & Fees

The estimated 2024-25 tuition/fees per credit hour for entering law students is $688 (30 hours = $20,640) for Florida residents and $1,355** (30 hours = $40,650) for non-Florida residents. 

The Office of Financial Aid provides a breakdown of the College of Law’s cost of attendance. As a state university, our tuition and fees are established by the Florida Legislature and are subject to change at any given time. Please note that Florida State University College of Law does not have a tuition guarantee policy. Please note there is a $20 Student Affairs Facility Use Fee charged per semester in addition to the Tuition & Fees.

To assist in your financial planning, we have created an easy-to-use Cost Comparison Calculator for Florida residents and non-residents, which will allow you to quickly compare the costs of attending the law schools to which you have been admitted. This tool, along with instructions for use, is available for Florida residents and non-residents. *Note: The values indicated for Florida State University College of Law are based on 2024-25 costs over a 9-month period (fall and spring semesters).

**Out-of-State Students:
Most non-residents are eligible to reclassify as Florida residents for tuition purposes after the 1L year. Using the 2024-25 tuition & fees schedule, if a student were to reclassify and pay in-state tuition for their second and third years of law school, they would pay an average of $27,310 per year for all three years. For information about the reclassification process, contact the law school’s Office of Admissions at 850.644.3787 or