Book Awards

Law firms, corporations and individual alumni and friends have joined the College of Law in the Book Award Program, created to generate scholarship funds for the College, and to recognize the academic achievements of law students. Sponsors contribute $3,000 for each of five years to support a Book Award in a designated area. Book Award contributions are fully tax deductible.

Book Award payments may be made annually, quarterly, monthly or according to whatever schedule is most convenient for the sponsor. All payments are to be made within the fiscal year recognized by the College of Law (July 1-June 30). Contributions support the College of Law's general scholarship fund, which helps the law school recruit and retain outstanding law students from across the country.

For further information about the Book Award Program, or courses from which you may make your selection, contact Becky B. Shepherd, Executive Director of Alumni Outreach & Engagement at (850) 644-0231 or (800) 788-7097.

Book Award Course List

Current Book Award Sponsors

Allen Norton & Blue, P.A.  Labor and Employment Law
Tanya L. Bower  Taxation of Business Entities
Jason and Leslie Burnett  Bankruptcy
Cole Scott Kissane, P.A.  Trial Practice (Section 1)
Dean Mead – State & Local Taxation
Joseph and Alyssa Flood Constitutional Law
Halloran Farkas + Kittila LLP – Securities Regulation
Kelly Hancock  Trial Strategy 
Deborah K. Kearney  State Constitutional Law
Kubicki Draper, P.A.  Trial Practice (Section 2)
Mark Citrin, P.A. – Immigration Law
Neal B. Osiason Business Planning
Robert Paradela/Wicker Smith, P.A. – Evidence (Section 1)
Toman Family  Election Law
Michael Ufferman Law Firm  Criminal Law
Jackson C. Varet  Animal Law