Booklet Sequencing

Law students are typically quite unsophisticated about how to choose personally appropriate work. In-depth consideration is necessary, but rarely undertaken without guidance. It is therefore critical to most students' future life satisfaction that they begin early with accurate information and helpful perspectives. This booklet seeks to provide this guidance by reinforcing and extending the concepts in the stress booklet to their specific thinking about jobs and career.

Timing: This booklet has been helpful for students at all stages of law school. It discusses concerns that students bring to law school and suggests constructive steps toward career definition that can be taken in each year of law school. Entering 1L's could benefit from this material a few weeks or months after the first booklet; more advanced students at any time. If you decide to distribute the booklets together, you could suggest that students read them in the order described, leaving some weeks between readings. If students are immediately interested and go through both booklets at once, that is fine. Their interest will guide them to the parts most useful to them, and all of the information in both booklets is consistent and mutually reinforcing.