Tuition & Expenses for LL.M. Programs

Students in LL.M. programs pay the same tuition and fees as J.D. students. Below is a breakdown of the estimated cost of attendance for the 2023-24 academic year (based on 24 credit hours):

  In-state Out-of-state

Tuition and Fees



Living Expenses



Books and Supplies



Personal (includes health insurance)



Total $39,196.00 $55,205.00


As a state university, our tuition and fees are established by the Florida Legislature and are subject to change at any given time. Please note that Florida State University College of Law does not have a tuition guarantee policy.

Foreign nationals in certain eligible categories who have been legal residents of Florida for more than one year may qualify for in-state tuition, which currently is $16,565.00 for 24 credit hours. 

Students on F-1 or J-1 visas do not qualify for in-state residency.

Students from Latin American and Caribbean countries may qualify for a $500 scholarship and in-state tuition

The law school does not have other tuition waivers, but some limited scholarships may be available for foreign students. Applicants are also encouraged to seek financial assistance through their governments or other outside sources, including the Fulbright Program or the Organization of American States.

For more information, please contact us at or 850-644-9442.