Faculty in the News

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Feb 15, 2020
Fox News

Professor Wayne Logan was quoted in the Fox News piece, "Fate of Florida death row inmates uncertain after court ruling."

Feb 12, 2020
Takeaway logo

Professor Mary Ziegler was a guest on The Takeaway's episode, "Is Abortion the Litmus Test for Democrats Today?"

Feb 03, 2020

Professor Steve Johnson was quoted in the Tax News for Today piece, "Judicial Interpretation of Tax Statutes Important in Case Prep."

Feb 03, 2020

Professor Elissa Gentry was quoted in the Florida Record piece, "Bill Would Crack Down on 'Bad Drug Ads' Aired in Florida Markets."

Jan 31, 2020
Washington Post

Professor Mary Ziegler was quoted in the Washington Post piece, "Why Democrats Who Oppose Abortion Rights Are Finding It Harder to Remain in the Party."

Jan 28, 2020
Daily Beast

Professor Mary Ziegler was quoted in the Daily Beast article, "Supreme Court Looks Ready to Finally Kill or Cripple Roe."

Jan 27, 2020
Bloomberg Law

Professor Michael Morley was quoted in the Bloomberg Law piece, "Arizona Ballot Laws Tossed, U.S. Supreme Court Review Likely."

Jan 25, 2020
Miami Herald

Professor Mary Ziegler was quoted in the Miami Herald article, "At state Capitol, the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is marked by cheers and despair."

Jan 25, 2020
Tampa Bay Times

Professor Mary Ziegler was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times article, "Will Florida soon restrict abortion?"

Jan 24, 2020
The Washington Post

Professor Mary Ziegler authored the Washington Post piece, "Both sides in the abortion fight now claim to be for women’s equality."