Research Center Archives

Highlights of the Archive Collection

The Archives contains historical Florida State College of Law materials. Included are photographs, scrapbooks, newspapers, programs, publications, event videos, lecture series, blueprints, and more. Also included are scholarship from past and present faculty. The Archive also includes a variety of rare book materials, such as:

  • Sir Edward Coke’s Handwritten Opinion (circa 1600-1620)

  • Digests or Pandects of the Emperor Justinian (1553)

  • La Graunde Abridgement by Sir Anthony Fitzherbert (1565)

  • Complete Session Laws of Henry VIII (circa mid-1600s)

  • U.S. Supreme Court Autograph Collection

  • Letter of Marque signed by then President Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of State James Madison

  • A pleading written by Abraham Lincoln

  • 1086 Domesday Book (1986)