Pro Bono Requirement

At FSU Law, we understand that fostering a strong commitment to public service is crucial for producing well-rounded, socially responsible legal professionals. Our Pro Bono Program is not only an integral part of our curriculum but also a cornerstone of our mission to promote justice and serve the community.

To this end, we have a graduation requirement that mandates every student complete a minimum of 20 law-related pro bono service hours. This requirement underscores our commitment to producing lawyers who are not only well-versed in legal theory but also deeply connected to the real-world needs of their communities.

Definition of Pro Bono Legal Service

Pro bono legal work is defined as "work on behalf of indigent individuals or other uncompensated legal work in conjunction with an individual lawyer, law firm or organization on behalf of a disadvantaged minority, the victims of racial, sexual, other forms of discrimination, those denied human and civil rights, or other work on behalf of the public interest. Work on behalf of the public interest means legal work that is designed to present a position on behalf of the public at large on matters of public interest…"

The work must be of a legal nature, performed under the supervision of a licensed attorney, and for which no compensation or academic credit is provided.

Students may earn pro bono service hours for excess hours at an approved non-profit, government, or judicial internship. Unpaid work with a law firm providing legal assistance on a pro bono basis may also qualify.

Graduation Requirement Details

A student must perform a minimum of 20 hours of pro bono legal work during their second or third year of law school. The pro bono requirement must be completed at least 30 days prior to graduation.

Students who complete 40 or more hours of law-related pro bono service will receive a certificate of pro bono service and recognition at the graduation ceremony. Each year, our students collectively complete thousands of hours of pro bono service, and a number of students complete hundreds of hours on their own. 

Current students should log in to Canvas ( and visit the Student Advancement page under "Courses" to view the mandatory Pro Bono Orientation, which covers all aspects of the program, and to access the forms necessary to obtain appropriate credit, located under the Pro Bono link.

Diverse Pro Bono Opportunities 

We offer a diverse range of pre-approved pro bono opportunities that cater to a wide array of legal interests. Whether you are passionate about family law, environmental law, criminal justice, or any other area, we have options that will align with your passion. 

Contact Us

If you have questions or need assistance with the Pro Bono Program, the Office of Student Advancement team is here to support you. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or concerns by phone at 850.644.7338, or by email at