Bar Exam Preparation

There are many factors involved in achieving success on a bar exam. While Florida State Law graduates enjoy consistently high bar passage rates, preparing for the bar exam is a serious and time-consuming matter. It is never too early in your law school career to start preparing. We believe that there are specific steps you can take to maximize your probability of success on the bar exam.

  • Familiarize yourself early with the format and subjects likely to be tested on the bar exam

  • Take a close look at your class schedule to ensure that you are not trying to learn a number of these subjects for the first time during a bar prep course. Click here to review the most recent Academic Planning Memo.

  • Start planning your bar preparation strategy now, including how future employment plans will impact your bar study time

The administration is available to assist students with academic advising and bar preparation. We strongly recommend that applicants do not work while studying for the bar exam so you can devote your full attention to preparation. We also encourage every graduate to enroll in a bar prep course. This includes not merely signing up for the course, but diligently attending and preparing for the daily classes and doing the recommended practice questions and exams.

Florida Bar Admission

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners oversees matters relating to admission of attorneys to the practice of law in the state of Florida. Two key parts of this admissions process are character fitness screening and the administration of the bar examination. The Florida Bar Exam is administered twice yearly by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners at the Tampa Convention Center.

First-year students are encouraged to apply early to the bar to reduce the cost, as registration fees increase from the date a student begins law school. Click on the links below to access the bar application, as well as fee and checklist information, from the FBBE’s Web site (

Third-year students who plan to seek admission to the Florida Bar should be aware of the following deadlines:

  • November 15 — February bar exam filing deadline

  • May 1 — July bar exam filing deadline

In addition to the Florida Bar Exam, students also are required to take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) in order to practice law in the state of Florida. The MPRE is required for bar admission in almost every jurisdiction in the U.S.  The NCBE maintains an online list of jurisdictions that require the MPRE, including the required passing scores.

The MPRE is administered nationwide in March, August and November of each year. The MPRE may be taken prior to graduation from law school. For information about examination dates, deadlines, examination sites, online registration for the MPRE and MPRE score transfer, visit the NCBE website.

MPRE Test Accommodations: Beginning with the March 2020 MPRE, candidates must apply for test accommodations prior to registering and scheduling a test appointment. Please refer to the instructions available on the NCBE website for a detailed explanation of the application process. 

Additional Resources

Bar Study Loans
Private bar study loans up to $15,000 may be available for graduating students preparing to take the bar exam. These loans help finance bar exam deposits and fees, bar prep courses, as well as living expenses while studying for the bar. Bar study loan applications require school certification.

Once you’ve been approved for a bar study loan by a qualified lender, you must inform the Office of Student Advancement at the law school so we can certify your graduation date. For more information regarding bar study loans, contact the Student Advancement Office at 850.644.7338.

Out-of-State Bar Exam and Admission Boards
Approximately 15% of our graduates sit for a bar exam in a state other than Florida. These other jurisdictions have included Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Virginia and California.

Click here for a Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements.

Click here to review the FSU Law Certification of Competence in Skills and Professional Values for applicants for admission to the New York Bar.