Regional Alumni Chapters

Chapters Map

Regional alumni chapters allow alumni to network, visit and help one another on a localized level. They serve as liaison between alumni and the College of Law, connect local alumni within their regions and strengthen alumni engagement within the community. Chapters also coordinate local/regional social, community service and educational events, and distribute communications regarding recent college news and events. 

We encourage everyone to get involved! For information about specific regional chapter involvement or activities, please contact the respective representative(s) listed under your area's chapter. If you live in a region without a chapter, please reach out to Becky Shepherd for more information. Thank you to all our regional representatives and alumni who are interested in getting more involved!

Florida Chapters

First Coast

Contact: Lauren Purdy ('11) and Jason Burnett ('88)

Fort Lauderdale

Contact: Nina Welch ('15)


Contact: Alex Espino ('97) and Alex Fumagali ('12) 


Contact: Judah Lieblich ('19) and Yameel Mercado Robles ('17) 

Palm Beach

Contact: Rochelle Chiocca ('00), Lilly Denish ('18) and Sheena Smith ('15) 


Southwest Florida

Contact: Joseph Coleman ('15)

Space Coast

Contact: Nathan Meloon ('17)



Contact: Max Solomon ('17), Tara Price ('12), Sam Houston ('19) and Laura Dennis ('11) 


Contact: Brandon Cathey ('04), RJ Haughey ('97) and Kareem Spratling ('06)

Other Chapters

Atlanta, GA

Contact: Jessica Gallegos ('11) and Dennis Collard ('01)