Prospective Members

Facts About the Journal:

  • The Journal is a student run publication that was founded in 1991 to provide a scholarly forum for the discussion of transnational legal developments in the world community.

  • The Journal operates under the direction of the Editorial Board, which is composed of an Editor-in-Chief, two Executive Editors, a Managing Editor, a Senior Articles Selection Editor, and a Writing and Research Editor.

How to Become a Journal Member:

  • Grade-On: Students receiving the two highest grades in Legal Writing & Research (I & II), and students receiving the highest grade in all qualifying classes with a transnational topic will be invited to join the Journal.

  • Write-On Competitions: The Journal will hold at least one writing competition per year, and students may be invited to join the Journal based on their write-on submissions.

  • Paper Submission: Second-year students who write a paper of publishable quality with a transnational topic and submit their paper for piece selection by the Journal may be invited to join the Journal. The author must be a second-year student at The Florida State University College of Law with at least two semesters of law school remaining.

Journal Membership Requirements:

  • Training Assignments: New invitees must attend training sessions and successfully complete a series of training assignments, including a subciting assignment designed to test their editing skills and attention to detail.

  • Subciting: Each staff member must complete at least one “subcite” per year. Subciting involves editing an article, including checking the footnotes for substantive and formatting accuracy and checking the manuscript for grammar, spelling, and syntax errors.

  • Committees: Each staff member must serve on at least one committee each semester. The standing committees of the Journal are the Piece Selection Committee, the Writing Competition & Training Committee, and the Managing Committee. Ad hoc committees may be created and dissolved as needed.

  • Writing Requirement: Each staff member must submit a paper of publishable quality with a transnational topic to the Journal. This may be the same paper that is used to satisfy the member’s upper level writing requirement, provided that the paper is on a transnational topic. The deadline for submission of the writing requirement paper is the last school day of the first week of classes of the semester in which the member is graduating.

  • GPA: Each member must maintain at least a 77 overall grade point average at all times.

  • Other: Each member must meet any and all other requirements imposed by the Journal’s bylaws.

Why Join the Journal?

  • Employers look favorably on membership with the Journal – it is a great thing to have on your resume!

  • Journal membership helps develop your research, writing, editing and bluebooking skills. All of these skills are extremely important in law school and in your future career as an attorney.

  • Journal members have an opportunity to meet and interact with other students interested in transnational law.

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