Journal of Transnational Law & Policy

JTLP_Cover_2016_17_sm.pngThe Journal of Transnational Law & Policy (ISSN 1067-8182) is published once per year at The Florida State University College of Law. The views expressed in published material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of the Journal, its editors or staff, or Florida State University.

The Journal was founded in 1991 to provide a scholarly forum for discussion of legal developments in the world community. The Journal shares the philosophy articulated by the late Philip C. Jessup, Judge of the International Court of Justice, who defined "transnational law" as "all law which regulates actions or events that transcend national frontiers." The term "transnational" is thus expansive; it includes both the international and comparative dimensions of law.

The Journal shall be cited as: J. TRANSNAT'L L. & POL'Y.

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