National Mock Trial Competition

Since 2013, the College of Law Mock Trial Team has hosted the annual National Civil Mock Trial Competition, utilizing the college's five courtrooms with cutting-edge technology. Mock Trial teams from colleges and universities around the country compete in the civil law competition. Teams are provided with a case packet which includes at a minimum, a complaint, answer, depositions, exhibits, jury instructions and a verdict form. Prizes are awarded to the winning team and the runner-up.

Previous Competition Cases

Antonio Vargas V. Crump, Inc. is a false imprisonment and malicious prosecution case.  Vargas sues Crump for having him arrested on beach property. Disputed ownership and public use of private beaches were issues.

Stacy Johnson vs. Harper Valley Neighborhood Association was a suit by a homeowner who claimed her neighborhood association violated her privacy rights and defamed her when they used a drone to take pictures of her property, some of which allegedly showed the Plaintiff in a compromising situation.

Tastea Bottling Company vs. Ikra Yaitso Curmudgeon Farms, pitted a bottle water company against a large agri and aqua culture business.

Dylan Robb vs. Ozzie Mandias College of Law, was a negligence suit with premises liability  and negligent supervision issues addressing facts involving stand your ground and concealed carry.