2019-2022 Faculty Scholarship Program

Press Date
October 14, 2022
Professor Sharpe Headshot

When I reviewed our recently published 2022 Faculty Scholarship Brochure for the first time, I was humbled by the reminder that I work alongside so many prolific scholars. The scholarly output of our faculty is impressive both in range of subject matter and quality. This year’s brochure highlights some extraordinary law journal placements. Our professors have recently published articles in many of the nation’s top ranked journals, including the California Law ReviewDuke Law JournalMichigan Law ReviewNotre Dame Law ReviewUC Davis Law ReviewUniversity of Pennsylvania Law Review, and William & Mary Law Review. In addition, media outlets and courts regularly feature and cite the impactful scholarship of our faculty. You can browse our 2022 Faculty Scholarship Brochure online to see a comprehensive list of our faculty’s recent publications.


Published on October 14, 2022