Alumni Base Surpasses 10,000 Members

Press Date
July 16, 2021
Alumni Speaking on Zoom

We are delighted to announce that the FSU Law alumni base has surpassed 10,000 members! This is an exciting milestone and our alumni network is stronger than ever, with graduates living and working in all 50 states and 25 countries around the globe. FSU Law alumni and students have a tremendous network of talented, diverse, engaged colleagues and mentors upon which they can call. I have always been in awe of the generosity of FSU Law alumni—our graduates selflessly share their time and expertise to assist members of the FSU Law family. Graduates regularly volunteer to mentor students and other alumni, to coach and judge our advocacy teams, to serve as guest speakers for classes and student organizations, and much more. Many alumni also help our students obtain valuable legal experience by hiring them for clerkships and internships. Alumni also provide monetary support that allows us to attract and retain top students and faculty members. To say that our community would not be nearly as strong without the support of alumni would be an extreme understatement. Many thanks to all of the alumni who assist the law school and our students in a wide variety of ways, large and small. We appreciate everything our 10,000+ alumni do for FSU Law and do not take it for granted!

Published on July 16, 2021