Business Review Symposium on Organizational Law

Guest Lecturer Professor Elizabeth Miller photo

Professor Elizabeth Miller, of Baylor University Law School, presents during
the Florida State University Business Review's inaugural symposium.

On Friday, February 10, 2023, we hosted scholars from around the nation for a symposium organized by our Florida State University Business Review. The thought-provoking inaugural symposium, entitled “New Frontiers in Organizational Law,” focused on the rapidly evolving law of organizations, particularly LLCs, and the impact changes in the law are having on businesses and industry professionals. Professors Christopher Bradley, University of Kentucky College of Law; Joan Heminway, University of Tennessee College of Law; Daniel Kleinberger, Mitchell Hamline School of Law; and Elizabeth Miller, Baylor University School of Law, presented their scholarly works-in-progress, and FSU Law professors and event attendees had opportunities to ask questions and provide meaningful feedback. The presenters’ finalized articles will be published in a symposium issue of the Business Review. The symposium agenda also included student note presentations by 3L Jake Balducci and 2L Maxwell Holleman and a lunch presentation by Shawn Bayern, FSU Law's Larry and Joyce Beltz professor of torts and associate dean for technology. We are very proud of the hard work of our Florida State University Business Review students who organized the symposium, especially 3Ls Natalie Alonso and Emily Wood. If you were unable to attend in person or virtually, a recording of the Stoops Colab’s livestream of the event is available online for viewing.