Florida House Interns

2018-19 House Legislative Intern Photo_web.jpg


FSU Law students comprise 10 of the 12 current Florida House of Representatives legislative interns. They include 3L Lindsay Card, 2L Melody Deatherage, 2L McLane Edwards, 3L Austin Engelbrecht, 2L Freddie Menard, 2L Zack Nations, 3L Grant Pattison, 2L Anastacia Pirrello, 2L Heather Raya and 2L Margeling Santiago. 

The students are assigned to various Florida House committees, subcommittees and leadership offices, where they have been working since the fall. Their assignments include researching, bill drafting and analysis, oversight activities, and other tasks relating to budget and policy areas. With session officially beginning earlier this year, the students will remain extremely busy until their internships end this May. 

The program is an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in the legislative process to obtain immersive, hands-on experience. Because of the College of Law's close proximity to the Florida Capitol, many students have participated in this valuable program, whose participants often go on to successful careers in the public policy arena.

Photo: Florida House interns (sitting, L-R) 3L Lindsay Card, 2L Anastacia Pirrello, 2L Melody Deatherage, 2L Heather Raya, (standing, L-R) 3L Grant Pattison, 3L Austin Engelbrecht, 2L McLane Edwards, St. Thomas University law student William McRea, 2L Zack Nations, FSU grad student studying applied American politics and policy Kirsten D’Souza, 2L Margeling Santiago and 2L Freddie Menard. 

Published on April 4, 2019