Florida State Ranked Nation's 8th Best Value Law School

Press Date
October 17, 2019



TALLAHASSEE — preLaw magazine has ranked Florida State University College of Law the 8th best value law school in the nation. The ranking, which is published in preLaw’s fall 2019 issue, weighs important student outcomes—bar passage and employment rates—against tuition, cost of living and indebtedness. According to preLaw, the rankings are “designed to find the law schools where graduates have excellent chances of passing the bar and getting a legal job without taking on a ton of debt.” In addition to being ranked the nation’s 8th best, FSU is the highest ranked Florida law school on preLaw’s list of the nation’s top 25 best value schools.

The national ranking reflects the law school’s strong employment and bar passage results. According to American Bar Association data, Florida State is the #1 law school in Florida and #28 nationally in terms of 2018 graduates who passed a bar examination on their first attempt. In addition, at a rate of 94.48%, FSU Law ranks among the nation's top law schools in terms of graduates who passed a bar examination in any jurisdiction within two years of graduating.

“We are thrilled to be ranked among the nation’s top 10 best law schools in terms of value, especially because employment rate is the highest weighted factor in this ranking,” said Dean Erin O’Connor. “Providing students with a relatively low-cost, top-notch legal education and opportunities to gain hands-on experience are keys to helping our students launch successful careers in their chosen areas.”