Peer Elevation Program (PEP) Launches

Press Date
September 23, 2022
Professor Sharpe Headshot

Later today, FSU Law will unveil the mentor/mentee groups that form the new Peer Elevation Program (PEP). Part of FSU Law’s Raising the Bar Professionalism+ Program, PEP matches 1Ls with 2L and 3L mentor leaders in small groups led by faculty advisors. The special program was designed to help new students transition into law school and encourage them to take full advantage of their law school experience via a student-driven, faculty-assisted support system. Groups will meet in person approximately once a month during the semester. Additionally, mentors have volunteered to be available to answer questions and connect 1Ls with resources at any time. This new program is being offered as an additional layer of support for 1Ls, and the law school community is looking forward to watching the mentoring relationships grow. Thank you to Professor Chris Busch for conceiving of the innovative program and to him and the Office of Student Advancement for creating and implementing it.


Published on September 23, 2022