Prof. Logan Publishes Second Book of 2022

Press Date
December 2, 2022
Professor Logan Headshot

Congratulations to Wayne Logan, our Steven M. Goldstein Professor, on the publication of his latest book (his second of 2022!): The Ex Post Facto Clause: Its History and Role in a Punitive Society (Oxford University Press 2022). The book provides the first comprehensive examination of the history of the U.S. Constitution’s Ex Post Facto Clause and its intended role in tempering the legislative tendency to enact burdensome retroactive laws targeting unpopular individuals. In addition to discussing and critiquing the Supreme Court’s extensive ex post facto jurisprudence, the book draws upon framing era history, seminal Supreme Court ex post facto decisions, and the global embrace of the values underlying the Ex Post Facto Clause to offer a blueprint for how it can play a reinvigorated and more robust role in the nation’s constitutional order. Wayne is a national expert in criminal law, criminal procedure, and sentencing. In addition to publishing several books, he has published articles in many of the nation’s top-ranked law journals, and his scholarship has been cited on two occasions by the U.S. Supreme Court. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated scholar and teacher on our faculty.


Published on December 2, 2022