Professor Alexandra Klass Presents 2021 Distinguished Environmental Lecture 

Press Date
November 5, 2021

Professor Alexandra Klass presented FSU Law's 2021 Distinguished Environmental Lecture 

On Wednesday, October 27, we hosted Professor Alexandra Klass for our Fall 2021 Distinguished Environmental Lecture. Klass, a distinguished McKnight university professor at the University of Minnesota Law School, presented “The Role of Private and Public Lands in the U.S. Clean Energy Transition.” She discussed the nation’s move to create more clean energy resources, focusing on the role of public and private lands. Klass talked extensively about the nation’s decarbonization and net zero energy goals and policies, trends in energy generation and consumption, the best renewable energy resources, and the benefits and drawbacks of building clean energy projects on private and public lands.

Klass teaches and writes in the areas of energy law, environmental law, natural resources law, tort law, and property law. She has published in many of the nation’s top law journals and co-authored several books. Her recent scholarly work addresses regulatory challenges to integrating more renewable energy into the nation’s electric grid, transportation electrification, oil and gas transportation infrastructure, and the use of eminent domain for electric transmission lines and pipelines. We were delighted to be able to introduce our students to Klass’s cutting-edge scholarship through her lecture. If you were unable to attend Klass’s insightful virtual presentation, a recording is available online.


Published on November 5, 2021