Professor Hsu's Book Forum

Press Date
November 4, 2022

Professor Hsu addresses attendees during the book forum.

Last week, we celebrated our colleague Shi-Ling Hsu and his recently published book, Capitalism and the Environment: A Proposal to Save the Planet. During the book forum, Shi-Ling, Yale Law School Professor Carol Rose, and University of Virginia School of Law Professor Michael Livermore discussed the book, which advocates for harnessing the power of capitalism to protect the Earth from human-caused pollution and climate change. We heard from Shi-Ling about the reasons he wrote the book, his thoughts on the power of capitalism, and his proposal to enact a system of environmental taxes. We then heard from Michael and Carol, who are two of the nation’s top scholars in environmental law. If you were unable to attend the thought-provoking forum, you can watch a recording online.


Published on November 4, 2022