Welcoming the J.D. Class of 2024

Press Date
August 27, 2021
Class photo on the Green

FSU Law Class of 2024

This week, we began the fall 2021 semester and welcomed students back to campus for fully in-person classes. We were especially excited to have our new 1L class join us. This is an impressive group of 158 students, boasting a median LSAT score of 163 and a median GPA of 3.82—both of which are records at FSU Law! In addition, this class is setting a record with the highest percentage of female students in an incoming class at 59.5%. The group is extremely diverse—students range in age from 19-61, 39% identify as ethnically/racially diverse, and 29% are non-Florida residents. The class of 2024 has a combined 637 years of work experience and majored in 43 different subjects at 58 undergraduate schools. Additionally, 6% of the class has already earned a graduate or professional degree. When Dean O'Connor welcomed the class at orientation last week, she urged them to embrace the differences within their group and encouraged them to learn from the many points of view that they would encounter during their classes. We are looking forward to watching them flourish at FSU Law!


Published on August 27, 2021