Writing Competition Winners

Press Date
September 23, 2022

(L-R) SALDF President Savannah Sherman, Olsen, Awasthi,
Prof. Tricia Matthews; Bauman; Tayeb

Congratulations to our law student and two recent graduates who recently swept the awards in the 10th Annual Animal Law Writing Competition. The contest was sponsored by the The Florida Bar Animal Law Section, Pets Ad Litem, and the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) chapter at FSU Law. 3L Catherine Awasthi won first place for her piece, “Staving off Starvation: How Florida’s Invasive Plants Could Sustain the State’s Marine Mammal.” Katie Bauman (’22) placed second for her article, “Bloodsuckers & Biotech: Public Concerns and Regulatory Questions Raised by the First Release of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in the United States.” Diana Olsen (’22) took third place for her article, “The Big Cat Public Safety Act: A Plot to Dethrone the Next Tiger King.”

Congratulations also to Allaa Tayeb (’22), who recently won the FSU Law Raising the Bar Professionalism+ Program's 2022 writing competition. As a result, Tayeb’s article, “Integrating Professionalism and Social Media in the Age of Lawyers that Grew Up With It,” was published in the The Professional, a publication of The Florida Bar’s Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism. You can read Tayeb’s award-winning piece online.

Published on September 23, 2022