Academic Support

FSU Law is committed to fostering a stimulating and supportive environment in which all students can achieve their full academic potential. 

Academic Support Fellows

In the fall of 2022, the FSU Law Academic Programs Office introduced its inaugural class of academic support fellows. Program fellows are academically successful 2L and 3L students who possess strong interpersonal skills, patience, maturity, and a desire to assist their peers in learning core academic skills and strategies. Fellows lead small-group workshops to help equip students with key tools to increase their academic success. Workshop topics include note taking, exam preparation, case briefing, study schedules, and time management. In addition to the workshops, fellows are available through weekly office hours for individual appointments. The student-centered program was created by Assistant Dean for Academic Programs Karusha Y. Sharpe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the academic support fellows?

The academic support fellows are academically successful 2L and 3L students who also have good interpersonal skills, patience, maturity, and a genuine willingness to work with students who want to learn core academic skills and learning strategies. Academic Support Fellows is a program for academic success provided by the Office of Academic Programs.

What services do the academic support fellows provide?

The academic support fellows lead small-group workshops on core academic skills such as case briefing, note-taking, exam preparation, outlining, and exam writing. They also focus on learning strategies, organization skills, study schedules, study groups, and time management.

When are the academic support fellows available?

The academic support fellows schedule weekly group workshops and/or office hours and can make individual appointments. Please reach out directly to each fellow below for more information on attending group meetings or to set up an individual meeting in person or by Zoom.

How do I contact the academic support fellows?

Fall 2023 Schedule coming soon!

What other support is offered by the Academic Programs Office?

The College of Law Academic Programs Office works with FSU Law students from orientation through graduation to offer advising and guidance in all areas related to course selection, academic planning, effective study techniques, and bar-readiness strategies. The specific services include academic advising, academic success workshops, an academic support program, bar exam preparation, and a legal writing specialist. In addition, we assist with the certificate and Joint Graduate Pathways programs.



  • Study Skills Workshops
    • Outlining 2.0 
    • Effective Study Groups 
    • Academic Support Section 1L Meetings
  • Exam Preparation Workshops 
    • Exam Preparation with Panel of Students who Aced the Exam
    • 1L Exam Writing Workshop Part 1
    • 1L Exam Writing Workshop Part 2
    • Final Exam Prep Kit 
  • Bar Support Workshops
    • 3L Bar Success Orientation
    • LLM Workshop with Kaplan
    • How to prepare for the MPRE with Kaplan
    • Patent the Bar with Career Services
    • LLM Essay and Multiple Choice
    • LLM Bar exam discussion with Barbri
    • December Graduates Bar exam Kickoff
    • How to prepare for the Bar Exam with Quimbee