Writing Center

Cecelia Smith classroom photo

The Writing Center helps students improve their legal writing through individualized instruction and writing workshops. At the center, FSU Law's writing specialist and academic fellows provide students with feedback on the writing process and written work. Students may make appointments to discuss questions on a writing assignment, a journal note, or a writing project for an extracurricular team or club. The center can assist students with issues such as organization, analysis, and style, as well as grammar, punctuation, usage, and citations. Our writing specialist offers several writing workshops throughout the academic year. Students may make appointments at any stage in the writing process by contacting Cecelia Smith (csmith@law.fsu.edu).

Recent Workshops

  • Top Ten Guidelines for Clear and Effective Writing, I & II
  • Theory of the Case: Tell the Reader Why You Win
  • Tell a Story: How to Write a Fact Section
  • Academic Papers and Scholarly Articles
  • Liven Up the Language: Language and Sentence Structure
  • Pleadings and Motion Practice
  • Writing for Your Employer: E-memos, Legal Correspondence
  • How to Write a Federal Constitutional Law Bar Essay
  • Journaling and Writing for Wellness


The Writing Center offers guides and handouts to assist students with their writing in areas including: