Employee Information

The College of Law Technology Department strives to provide excellent service and support.

If you are a faculty or staff member in need of technical assistance, please visit the helpdesk in room 339 of Roberts Hall or room A023 in the Advocacy Center, call the help desk at 850.644.7735 or email helpdesk@law.fsu.edu.

Here are some of the services provided to faculty and staff members at the College of Law:

  • Ensures classroom technology is well-maintained
  • Provides media and data storage to faculty and staff
  • Offers video conferencing for meetings, remote class presentations, and networking noshes
  • Troubleshoots a wide variety of problems that occur with university-owned electronics
  • Provides multimedia presentation support
  • Ensures the computing resources purchased by the College of Law are high quality
  • Provides year-round training for classroom technology. To schedule a training session, please email helpdesk@law.fsu.edu.
  • Offers security against viruses and malicious software
  • Provides network connectivity throughout the College of Law campus via wireless and LAN connections